Reflexology is the application of gentle pressure and massage to reflex points located on all parts of the feet.

It is based on the belief that these reflex points relate to and mirror the internal organs, glands and structures of the body. By using pressure on a specific area of the foot, an effect will be stimulated on the corresponding area of the body.

The goal of the reflexology is to stimulate those points and break down any crystal deposits located in the feet, hands or ears to restore normal function to that body system. Pressure on the feet can therefore affect the functioning of the body and encourage the healing process to begin.

study conducted by the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) found that Reflexology was the most popular complementary therapy.



We provide relaxing and stress reducing Hand and Foot Reflexology sessions.


We provide specialised stress reducing and balancing Fertility Reflexology sessions.


We provide specialised nurturing and balancing Maternity Reflexology sessions.

Fertility Reflexology

It is believed that reflexology may be of great benefit to clients suffering with fertility issues. We know that hormones play a key role in both fertility and pregnancy. These hormones can be hugely affected by stress and this may contribute to fertility issues for some couples.

One of the major benefits of reflexology is the balancing of the endocrine system, a set of glands that produce the body’s hormones.


Anyone who is struggling with stress, anxiety, fibromyalgia, hormonal imbalances, tension headaches and migraines, poor sleep, depression, poor circulation and lack of energy. Stress occupations such as teaching and the National Health Service.

You will be asked to complete a thorough consultation prior to your appointment to determine exactly what your expectations from treatment are and what areas we need to address in your treatment plan. We will discuss the findings with you and together we will create a short, medium and long term treatment plan. You will have to remove your footwear for Foot reflexology and recline on our treatment couch. Please come wearing loose, comfortable and warm clothing when attending appointments with us.

It depends on your insurance policy as different companies offer different levels and types of cover for treatments. We can provide you with a receipt for any treatments you have for you to submit to your insurance company in support of your claim but we would recommend checking with your insurer before booking an appointment.

We ask that you arrive no more than 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment time as we are still adhering to close contact guidelines with regards to hygiene, cleaning protocals and best practice in terms of health and safety. 

The cost of treatment varies and depends on the type of treatment, duration and cost of provision. Prices start from £35.

A contra-indication is an existing medical condition or illness that could be made worse by treatment, or be a possible cause of cross-infection and contamination. As a result, the treatment may not be possible at all or it may be adapted and special precautions taken. In some cases, it may be necessary for the therapist to seek professional medical advice and a GP referral may be required. This is why we carry out a thorough consultation with every new client to establish if an contra-indications exist and enable us to determine the best course of action.

Reasons vary from individual to individual but in our experience the majority of clients choose to see a massage therapist to combat the symptoms of stress due to the pace and pressure of modern life. The main reason our clients choose to see us are for the benefits that the services we provide offer including stress reduction, recovery from injury, increase in flexibility and mobility, relief from chronic problems such as arthritis, improved sleep, enhanced relaxation and many more.

Yes, all our reflexologists are highly qualified with awards in nationally recognised qualifications. They are also fully insured and members of a professional organisation.

You can expect to feel calm and relaxed during and immediately after a treatment but medium to long terms results such as pain relief and stress management can take a while to build, especially for persistent or chronic health conditions. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither were you. Each time you have a treatment, drink enough water, eat the right kinds of foods and get enough deep sleep you move closer to wellness. We offer short, medium and long term treatment plans and regularly review these to ensure your needs are being met.

Yes, not only is it safe but beneficial as long as you check with your GP or Oncologist that it is ok to go ahead before booking an appointment. In fact Christies Hospital, has its own Complementary Therapies unit and Macmillans Cancer Support has lots of helpful information regarding complementary therapies and coping with cancer on its website.

We allow clients a maximum 10 minutes grace however we will be unable to see clients who are more than 10 minutes late as this would cause delays to our next client and compromise our high standards of hygiene. Clients who are late will still be charged for the full price of the treatment.

We are happy to rearrange your appointment to another day or time providing to give us 24 hours notice. Cancellations received with less than 24 hours notice will be subject to a charge of 50% of the original appointment cost.

Yes, we operate by appointment only for complementary sessions. To book a convenient appointment time call 0161 821 0021, call or send a text to 07734 225 666 or use our online booking service to make appointments. Our online booking software is easy to use and lets you make appointments with us any time of day or night, from any computer. What’s more, it will send you a reminder before your appointments.



I was really impressed with my first reflexology session with Joanne that I’ve now booked a further 6 sessions! I felt really relaxed and Joanne did a wonderful job of getting to know me and giving me useful information about the benefits of reflexology before the start of the session. Her hands are definitely ‘healing hands’! Thanks Joanne, I am looking forward to my next session!

Neesha Patel - Reflexology Client

Reflexology benefits

The hands and feet are microcosms of the body and by stimulating the nerve endings of the hands or feet, through application of alternating pressure and touch, reflexology improves blood and nerve supply to the whole body, stimulates the lymphatic system which boosts the immune system, improves circulation to aid in elimination of excess waste products and fluids, increases oxygen from the lungs to all tissues, and promotes the natural function of the body.

Reflexology also releases endorphins, chemical messengers which produce a calming and euphoric effect. A survey of 170 reflexology studies from 21 countries shows reflexology impacts a variety of physical and psychological concerns.


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Hand and Foot Reflexology is deeply relaxing and an effective way to rebalance your body naturally and gently.

Reflexology works on the basis that different areas of your hands and feet correspond to different parts of your body and that massaging them using specific techniques can release energy ‘blockages’. This allows the energy channels in your body to flowing better and helps it to heal itself.


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Maternity reflexology is a wonderful holistic therapy which complements the natural event of childbirth. Research studies have shown that pregnant women who received regular maternity reflexology treatments throughout their pregnancy may enjoy much shorter labour times and require significantly less pain relief than those who did not.

Most women experience significant physical, mental and emotional changes as well as hormonal changes during pregnancy. These changes can cause many mums to be to feel tearful, anxious even vulnerable. Maternity Reflexology can help to bring everything back into balance, easing physical discomfort, calming anxiety and reducing any stress prior to giving birth.